Limitless Conversations in Sarasota

Limitless Conversations in Sarasota
Limitless Conversations in Sarasota is an entrepreneur’s dinner club
where a small group of entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds
come together for an evening of connection.
The dinners are not networking events.
There are no business cards exchanged or elevator pitches given.
Instead, it’s an evening of open, limitless conversation that connects people
that share the entrepreneurial drive,
while providing different worldviews on everything business and mindset.
Topics will be diverse and determined by the group organically.  The topics can include but are not limited to productivity, focus, leadership, economics, finance, sales, marketing, positioning, authority, opportunity, issues, fears, limitations, and uncertainty.
But most of all, we share our passion and our "why".
It’s about being open to new ideas and viewpoints with people
from different industries and backgrounds
to increase your creativity and thinking in your business.
If you are interested in participating in one or more dinners then please fill out the form below.

That's it. There is no fee. The only cost is what you chose to spend on your dinner.

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