Limitless Conversations FAQs

Limitless Conversations in Sarasota

How frequently are the dinners held?

How frequently the dinners are held will be determined by the number of people that register.  You will be invited to approximately 4 dinners a year. 

How many people will be at the dinners?

Eight to ten people will be invited to each dinner.

Will I dine with the same people each time?

No, there may be one or two people that overlap, but usually, you will dine with different people each time.

Can I bring my spouse or friend?

No, the invitations are for you, the business owner only.  If you have a business partner, they are welcome to register for the dinners, but you will not be invited to the same dinner.  The quests will be from diverse backgrounds, not the same industry or business.

Will my contact information be shared?

Yes, following each dinner the attendees at the dinner will receive an email with each attendees' contact and business information.  This happens after the dinner so that any invitee that is absent will not be included in the email.

What if I am invited on a date I can't attend?

Just let us know as soon as you know you can't attend.   This will allow us to invite someone else and you will receive another invite for a later date.  

What if I can't come at the last minute but have already RSVP'd?

You will be given contact information with your RSVP confirmation for last minute updates.   Please keep us informed of any last minute changes so that we can notify the restaurant and so that we do not hold up ordering in your absence.  Failure to be courteous to your fellow dinners about your change of plans could result in not being invited to future dinners. 

Who is hosting these dinners?

Henk Portier and Tracy Hurt.   The restaurants are chosen based on their ability to provide a table for 10 people in a secluded area that will provide the ability for everyone at that table to hear everyone else without anyone having to raise their voice.  If you have a recommendation for a restaurant that can meet these requirements, please let us know here.