Hi, I’m entrepreneur and business coach Tracy Hurt. I help business owners increase their profitability by shifting their mindset from putting the “employee” in self-employed to being the productive, strategic and profitable business owner they have always dreamed of being.

I became an entrepreneur during my freshman year in college to save my mother’s job.

The floral shop where she worked had recently been sold to new owners who were running it into the ground.

The store still had a good reputation; but was closing due to financial mismanagement. I took over and in two year we had not only reversed course but opened a second location.

Over the next several years, I expanded the business to more opportunities by adding design and décor services, gifts, a wholesale division and an e-commerce division that operated seven websites.

That little, failing floral shop transformed into a full-fledged business with dozens of employees and millions in revenue.

I retired at my 40th birthday and have been a business coach and consultant ever since.

Like any coach, really it's about you.

Think of it like a sports coach.  I can help you become great by teaching you the skills you need, helping keep you motivated, and holding you accountable, but it's your game.  No matter how much coaching we do together, you will still have to swing the bat yourself.

If you have read this far, it means you are looking to get more out of your business and I am glad you are here, because helping people improve their business comes naturally to me. 

If you are ready to:

· Increase your profitability
· Develop a strategic growth plan
· Improve your marketing and audience selection
· Implement systems that get more done in less time
· Develop yourself as the leader of your business

I have the experience, tools and skills to help you stop spinning your wheels and start seeing things strategically.

Click here if you are ready to step up to the plate and get more out of your business.


Tracy Hurt