Tracy Hurt

Build A Business That Supports
The Life Of Your Dreams

Small Business Adviser

I help small business owners
gain personal and financial freedom
by transforming from an overworked,
self-employed "employee"
into the thriving owner-operator
of a growing business

Do You Want An Experiences Like These?

I have been blessed, challenged, encouraged and educated by Tracy's brilliant and effective coaching ability and style. After 30 years of business executive experience, I have found a treasure of helpful information in Tracy that has allowed me to continue to grow myself and my business.
- Mitchell F.

Working with Tracy has helped me to achieve a clarity of purpose I’ve lacked since beginning my freelance career seven years ago. As a creative person, I appreciate Tracy’s approachable but firm manner. The guidance she provides is a combination of experienced advice and probing questions — a blend that works well for me.
- Teresa O.

Tracy has helped me go from an unfocused "idea" person to a person with ideas that can actually focus and implement them. Having your own business is a lot of work, but having Tracy help me focus on what I need to accomplish on a daily and weekly basis is making a difference.
- Pamela D.

It Starts With A Free, No Obligation, Small Business Coaching Session With Tracy

How Business Really Works

Tracy is the co-host of the How Business Really Works podcast.  Subscribe today to listen to Tracy and Pamela discuss what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur in the 21st century.

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30 Elephants Small Business Consulting and Advisory

Tracy is the CEO and lead consultant at
30 Elephants, a small business consulting & advisory firm.  It is located in Sarasota, FL and serves clients nationwide.

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